June 17, 2021, Thursday
३ असार २०७८, बिहीबार

Three ways to Prevent Chapped Lips in This Winter

Three ways to Prevent Chapped Lips in This Winter

During winter cracked or chapped lips are common problem to all most all the people.The skin on our lips is exposed all the time and becomes dry in winter. So, it loses its flexibility and the lips become sore, cracked and scaly.

Since our lips don’t produce oil or moisture we have to take care of it much. Here we have collected some five tips for you on how to take care of your lips in this winter.

1. Use lip balm

There are many lip balms in the market.Use lip balm that has emollient properties, smoothing the surface of the skin and acting as an occlusive agent. Try to avoid lip balms with fragrance and flavorsand seek out lip balms with natural ingredients. Reapply lip balm every few hours and before bed.

2. Stay hydrated

lack of water causes many skin problems. one of them is dry and chapped lips too. So drink water time to time.

3. Stop licking, and biting, lips

We can see many people lick their lips specially if there is not any moisturizer cream or lip balm to hydrate. But it drys lips later on. So avoid licking or biting lips.