July 27, 2021, Tuesday
१२ श्रावण २०७८, मंगलवार

Nepse has dropped by 4.13 points

Nepse has dropped by 4.13 points

The stock market index Nepse has dropped by 4.13 points to 2823.87 points on Wednesday. The index has remained unchanged at 2823 points.

A total of 16.2 million shares of 220 companies have been bought and sold for Rs 5.83 billion. The largest number of shares of Nepal Insurance Company worth Rs 300 million has been bought and sold.

Shares of banking group fell by four points, trade by 22 points, hotel and tourism by 49 points, microfinance by 47 points, life insurance by 112 points and investment group by 2 points.

The biggest gainer was NLG Insurance with a turnover of Rs 210 million.