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Brokers to operate their own TMS from Shrawan 1; Expecting continuous support from investors and stakleholders

Brokers to operate their own TMS from Shrawan 1; Expecting continuous support from investors and stakleholders

Kathmandu, April 12


The Stock Brokers Association of Nepal (Brokers) are going to launch their own Trading Management System (TMS) from Shrawan 1.

The Stock Brokers Association of Nepal has issued a press release stating that it is preparing to launch its own TMS. According to the association, an agreement has been reached to bring TMS into operation in more than 10 countries as a joint initiative of brokers to manage the risks inherent in securities trading and end the burden of investors. “Currently, the work of customization of the system is being expedited,” the statement said. “With the proper support of the concerned parties, investors will be able to use the system from Shrawan 1, 2078.”

The statement said that the TMS, which has a multi-asset, multi-exchange trading platform, claims that various instruments including shares, debentures, bonds, derivatives and currencies can be traded simultaneously on one or more stocks or derivatives exchanges. The system, which includes mobile applications, will make it easier for investors to do business, the statement said. The association also said that the system will be used to provide basic and technical analysis of the economy, market and listed companies. Investors will be able to view all the accounts of their business and their portfolio and profit and loss status through this system.

The association has mentioned that it will be very easy to do business through the TMS due to order management features like stop loss, take profit, after market order. “We will always focus on quality service delivery. We look forward to the continued support of all stakeholders and investors, “the statement said.

In the current situation, about 700,000 active investors and around 600,000 online users have been able to trade with confidence due to the overnight capacity expansion of the securities brokers and the day and night work of the staff, according to the association. The role of the Securities Board of Nepal, Nepse, online trading system, CDS and Clearing Limited and depository members is very commendable.

The statement also said that they are always ready to fulfill all the provisions specified by the regulatory body, use the methods and systems adopted by the brokers in the international arena and increase the infrastructure as required.

The statement said, “We have a strong desire to expand the secondary market in every region of the country through official representatives and sub-brokers and to further accelerate the barge by providing additional services such as margin trading, investment advisory, investment management and intra day trading and we are able to do so.We are always keen to develop a world-class business structure and provide the same level of broker service to the general investors. For this, we expect the necessary guidance and support from the regulatory body and market operators.”