August 5, 2021, Thursday
२१ श्रावण २०७८, बिहीबार

What does it mean to see God in a dream?

What does it mean to see God in a dream?

We all see sometimes good things and sometimes bad things that create fear in our minds. Sometimes ghosts come in dreams, sometimes even God. In such a case, it becomes difficult to know whether the dream is auspicious or ominous. According to oceanography, seeing God in a dream is a very good sign.

– It is said that if you have a vision of mother Lakshmi in a dream, you can get immense wealth. Such a dream signals wealth in ways other than job business.

– It is said that if Hanuman ji appears in a dream, it is a sign of victory over enemies.

– It is considered very auspicious to see Shivling in a dream. This dream shows that the time has come to remove all your sufferings.

– It is said that the appearance of Lord Krishna in a dream indicates the progress and success of love relationships.

– If Saraswati, the mother goddess of learning, appears in a dream, then these are auspicious signs of success in education, examination and interview.

– If there are visions of Lord Vishnu in a dream, then such a dream means that your life is going to defeat the problems.