September 23, 2021, Thursday
७ आश्विन २०७८, बिहीबार

Maintenance of beauty in the Corona period

Maintenance of beauty in the Corona period

Makeup is an art for women. Women are able to express themselves through makeup therapy. In this epidemic period of Corona, face masks cover important parts of the face so women are inventing new ways of makeup.

At present the mask is being displayed in the market as a fashion and the mask is being commercialized on a large scale.


Whenever you are alone away from the crowd, remove the mask for a while and apply moisturizer on your face and then apply the mask on your face again for a while.

Cover your face with moisturizer at all times as it will reduce the friction between the skin and the mask which will reduce skin problems.

In addition to water based fruits, 8-10 glasses of water, coconut water, juice or soup must be consumed in a day. Hydrated skin does not emit oily substances which keeps your skin fresh, radiant, healthy and full of freshness.

You can also apply lipstick in the mask but you have to take care that the skin of the lips is not damaged. Leave lip balm or almond oil on the lips overnight, it will make your lips soft and attractive. Wearing a mask in the open air for a long time will cause blackness in the exposed parts of the face.


Even if you are constantly wearing a face mask, you can use mild cosmetics outside the mask line. But the skin covered with face mask and any kind of make-up on the lower part of the face should be avoided.