September 17, 2021, Friday
१ आश्विन २०७८, शुक्रबार

What not to eat with milk?

What not to eat with milk?

A person’s life, his diet, his way of life, his particular place of residence, his activities are related to his diseases. The calcium, magnesium and vitamins in milk strengthen our bones. But if you eat the wrong food with milk, it acts as a poison and harms the body. There are many types of diseases that affect a person’s diet. The diet should be according to which disease should be cured.

Don’t eat any salty foods with milk. Although it has no immediate effect, it can cause white spots to appear on the skin for years.


Some people drink lemonade immediately after drinking milk. These acidic substances enter the stomach and break down the milk. As a result, toxins are produced in the stomach and many problems arise.