September 17, 2021, Friday
१ आश्विन २०७८, शुक्रबार

Don’t keep these things with you while sleeping

Don’t keep these things with you while sleeping

It is said that a good night’s sleep is a blessing in disguise. Just as all the work of the world is necessary for man, so sleep is also necessary for him. There are some things that increase negativity and inauspiciousness while sleeping.

Never carry your purse on your head while sleeping. This increases the cost of unnecessary things and leads to loss of money. No architect or astrologer advises to keep many devices like watch, mobile, phone, laptop, TV, video game on the head.


Newspapers and magazines for reading and writing should not be kept under your pillow while sleeping. According to Vaastu, ropes and chains etc. bring ominous effects. Do not keep them near the bed at night.

The mortar should not be placed under the bed or towards the head while sleeping. This also leads to tension in the relationship and the person falls into useless disputes instead of investing energy in positive actions.