November 29, 2023, Wednesday
१३ मंसिर २०८०, बुधबार

Share market at historic high, positive circuit in nine companies on the same day

The stock market has reached historic highs so far. On the first trading day of the year, the index rose by 54.31 points to 3,058.63 points. Earlier, the Nepse index had reached 3,032 points.


Investors of most companies were able to make a profit in Sunday’s market, while nine companies saw a positive circuit. Investors of Vishal Bazaar Company, Ngadi Group Power, Support Microfinance, Radhi Power Company, Panchakanya Mai Hydro, Kalika Power Company, Joshi Hydropower, Universal Power and Himalaya Energy Development Company have become rich today.


According to Nepse, 441,14,760 shares of 223 companies were traded at a turnover of Rs 14.30 billion today.

Today’s market is driven by the banking sector. Most of the transactions are with commercial banks. The group has increased by 72 points. Similarly, trade increased by 2 points, development bank by 13 points, hydropower by 71 points, finance by 24 points, non-life insurance by 48 points, manufacturing by 71 points, others by 6 points, microfinance by 86 points and life insurance group by 30 points. Hotels and tourism declined by 22 points. Except for that group, everyone has grown.

Commercial banks are leading the way in transactions today. Of which, shares of Nepal Bank worth Rs. 497.665 million have been bought and sold.