February 2, 2023, Thursday
१९ माघ २०७९, बिहीबार

Stock market: 12.10 billion turnover

Stock market: 12.10 billion turnover

Today, the stock market has risen slightly. The Nepse index has increased by 1.25 points and reached 3,081.05 points. The market has risen by 0.04 percent while the Nepse index has risen to 3081.05 points.


A total of 33,042,352 shares of 226 companies were traded at a turnover of Rs 12,103,871,862 today.

The last transaction before this was only Rs 10.90 billion on Thursday.

According to Nepse, the share price of nine companies has seen a positive circuit today. Today, shares of Synergy Power, Kalika Power, Ghalemdi Hydro, Universal Power, Greenlife Hydro and Jeevan Vikas Microfinance have risen by 10 percent. Shares of Lakshmi Equity Fund fell seven points and shares of Chandragiri Hills fell nearly four percent.

Today, National Hydro Power has a high turnover. National Hydro’s turnover of Rs. 366,53,751.80.