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Some popular movies starring late Dilip Kumar

Some popular movies starring late Dilip Kumar

Indian actor Dilip Kumar breathed his last on the morning of Wednesday, July 7. Dilip Kumar, 98, had been ill for some time. He was admitted to the hospital on June 30 with respiratory problems. He had been suffering from various diseases for a long time.

He has been active in the film industry for six decades of his life and is a source of inspiration to many. Nicknamed the ‘Tragedy King’ in Bollywood, he started his acting career in 1994. Entering the film industry at the age of 22, he became the number one hero of Bollywood at the age of 25.


Today we are discussing about some films starring the late actor Dilip Kumar.

  1. Didar

This is in romantic melodrama. In which a loving couple is not allowed to be one. The girl’s father separates the couple. The film stars Dilip Kumar, Ashok Kumar, Nargish and Nimmi.

  1. Kranti

Full of drama and action, the film ‘Kranti’ was a huge success at that time. He was accompanied by actor Shashi Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha and actress Hema Malini in the lead roles.

  1. Nayi Daur

Another hit movie of Dilip and Baijantimala is Nai Daur. Based on the story of a farmer, the film tells the story of a young man who brings new technology to a place where he is farming.

  1. Devdas

One of the most emotional novels in India is ‘Devdas’. Many films have been made on this but the first film in Hindi film was made with actor Dilip Kumar. Dilip is in the lead role in it. It is a failed love story, where Devdas’ girlfriend Paru gets married. The film was remade in 2002 starring Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit.