February 2, 2023, Thursday
१९ माघ २०७९, बिहीबार

Corona infection spreading again, Reliable alternative vaccine

Corona infection spreading again, Reliable alternative vaccine

The risk of corona is increasing in a similarly tragic manner due to negligence as the lockdown has eased. The infection rate was only 20.7 percent on July 20.


Looking at the infection rate in a few days, there is an increase in the number of infections in Nepal. Experts say the third wave of infections will intensify in the next few days, suggesting not to go in crowded.

The Ministry of Health has also issued a circular to avoid the risk of infection. Co-spokesperson of the Ministry Dr. Sameer Kumar Adhikari said, “It becomes difficult to manage the health infrastructure and the situation where people come to the health institution to get more services than the services provided by health workers.” He suggested to continue regular work by adopting public health standards.

He said that the rate of infection is gradually increasing due to overcrowding, non-use of masks, lack of distance between each other, gatherings, processions and other activities.

Experts suggest that the vaccine be given as soon as possible. Infection can be reduced only if the infection is limited to the infected person. A reliable alternative is to get vaccinated.  According to the official, 88,82,850 doses have been received across the country so far. Out of that, 5 million 47 thousand 355 doses have been used. 35 lakh 44 thousand 43 people have been vaccinated with one dose. 1.5 million 3 thousand 3 hundred and 12 people have already taken the full dose. The official said.